nVidia TNT/GeForce driver for Haiku

Technical information and testing tools:

Here you will find technical documents that might get written about the nVidia driver, design notes, and technical information on how to use the driver.

Rudolf's BWindowScreen tests, tweaks and considerations:

Improved (a lot) in the nVidia driver is the BWindowScreen support. If you want to test with that a bit, or if you are interested in technical information on how to use it for non-standard modes and higher refreshrates, checkout my simple command line testprogram for it. Make sure you have a close look at it's sourcecode and comments in it!

Note please: I have tested this app with the official Be Millenium driver also: as long as you don't use the "TWEAK_METHOD", which is 'deeper' than the tweak applied for the refreshrates done in any case, it works perfectly. (I'm getting a pleasant 70Hz refresh by default ;-)
The TWEAK_METHOD also works, but the positioning of the displayed area seems a bit odd (maybe I'll check that out later on).

Update: Now it's also tested with the Be SIS6326(DVD) driver (Diamand Speedstar A50 (A70)). Both TWEAK_METHOD and 'normal method' are working 100% OK...
Yet another update: Also the official Be driver for G200 and the Be driver for G400 work fully OK, with or without the TWEAK_METHOD.

Dualhead and TVout modes are included now. These functions are not yet supported on nVidia cards though.

Be aware that you will see rubbish on the screen(s), followed by one or two vertical stripes. The app takes about 30 seconds to execute the test! (watch your refresrate change from 60 to 70Hz also BTW)

Download Rudolf's BWindowScreen tests, tweaks and considerations here (including sourcecode): Version 6 (21kb)

Rudolf's virtualscreen tests and considerations:

If you want to play around with (large) virtual workspaces, get my virtualscreen tool here. It's kind of fun playing with it!

For instance: Hint:
Use full logging and the command: tail -f nv.accelerant.0.log in a terminal window to see what acceleration hooks are exported by the driver (for instance). Holding down the SHIFT key wile using the up and down arrow keys lets you scroll through the logfile while it's being generated...

Download Rudolf's virtualscreen tool with considerations here (including sourcecode): Version 6 (15kb)


(Page last updated on February 24, 2005)