NeoMagic MagicGraph/MagicMedia graphics driver for (open)BeOS

Current NeoMagic driver features:

Supported cards: Known limitations:

Fixes for the upcoming version (current is CVS 0.09):

Fixes for current NeoMagic driver 0.06: Note:
Acceleration engine benchmarked and tested for errors with BeRoMeter V1.2.6.

Fixes for old NeoMagic driver 0.05:

Fixes for old NeoMagic driver 0.04:

Fixes for old NeoMagic driver 0.03:

Things that are scheduled to be implemented or fixed:

NOTE PLEASE: This list is kind of a forward looking statement. So I don't know if any or all of this stuff will ever get implemented. I will keep working on the driver for as long as it makes sense and only as long as I have time for it to spare.


(Page last updated on August 5, 2004)