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BeOS projects:

openBeOS nVidia TNT/GeForce graphics driver. I have setup a new opensource driver from scratch, using the Linux opensource driver as a reference. There's even a seperate 3D add-on now that accelerates openGL using Mesa.
Have a look at the nVidia driver's page for more information and the latest downloads!

openBeOS Matrox MGA graphics driver. I am working on the originally FoFt V0.12 based openBeOS Matrox videodriver. It contains good TVout functionality these days for G400, G450 and G550 cards.
Have a look at the Matrox driver's page for more information and the latest downloads!

openBeOS NeoMagic MagicGraph/MagicMedia graphics driver. Another driver I setup because I happen to have access to a laptop with a NeoMagic graphics card in it. That and the fact that the Be stock NeoMagic drivers contain serious bugs while not providing hardware overlay, caused me to be driven strongly to create my own driver.
Have a look at the Neomagic driver's page for more information and the latest downloads!

BeTVOut is listed at SourceForge. Look at our site there for up-to-date info about it, including sourcecode and all kinds of video related information, like DVD/VCD playback tips.
Be advised that this TVout solution will not be further developed this way, except for the addition of Philips encoder support. After that, I plan to include it's functions in the openBeOS nVidia TNT/GeForce driver.

BeTVOut and the accompaning driver provide TVOut functionality for BeOS with NVIDIA RIVA TNT and later videocards. BeTVOut currently supports:
- Brooktree BT868 and BT869 chips;
- Chrontel CH700x chips;
- Conexant CX25870 and CX25871 chips.
(Philips SAA7102 and SAA7108 chips (and such) will be added soon probably.)

Some recent versions can also be downloaded here:

Download BeTVOut V0.120, riva_iic V0.23 and MK-MediaPlayer (75kB).
Download sources BeTVOut V0.120, riva_iic V0.23, riva_iic V0.13, GDW and MK-MediaPlayer (175kB).

My current plans are to work on:

- finishing the graphics drivers for independant heads use so for instance a media consumer node can be setup for them;
- work more on 3D support for the nVidia cards. Maybe even start on 3D support for Matrox or other cards. We'll see.

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(Page last updated on May 3, 2005)